Pee & Toilet Seats

Truth be told I truly don’t care if the toilet seat is left up or down.  What I really can’t stand though is sitting on a toilet seat covered in pee.  You would sometimes think someone had a goal of missing the bowl all together!  I would rather sit on a toilet in the middle of the night with the seat up and fall into the bowl at least some of that water would be “clean”.  So I have come to an ultimate decision that from now on I will myself lift the lid on the toilet when I am done using it and put it down when I need to use it.  Because obviously repeating myself a zillion times “don’t pee all over the seat”, “lift the lid when you go”, and “wipe the seat when you are done” has made no difference whatsoever.  So I give in and I apologize to their future wives and daughters.

Response Appreciated

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