Pee & Toilet Seats

Truth be told I truly don’t care if the toilet seat is left up or down.  What I really can’t stand though is sitting on a toilet seat covered in pee.  You would sometimes think someone had a goal of missing the bowl all together!  I would rather sit on a toilet in the middle of the night with the seat up and fall into the bowl at least some of that water would be “clean”.  So I have come to an ultimate decision that from now on I will myself lift the lid on the toilet when I am done using it and put it down when I need to use it.  Because obviously repeating myself a zillion times “don’t pee all over the seat”, “lift the lid when you go”, and “wipe the seat when you are done” has made no difference whatsoever.  So I give in and I apologize to their future wives and daughters.

A Lil’ City Rude

So having  to down size I don’t have keep everything where I live but also have a storage garage for seasonal items, keepsakes, and other various things.  One beautifully chilly lightly snowy evening my teenager and I were unloading a few of these boxes and some groceries at our place there were enough boxes and it was cold enough that it made the long flight up to our loft seem even longer.  But we were laughing and having a good time with it anyway.  Main street was basically deserted but from behind me and across the street I heard a man’s voice “do you need any help”.  I felt my body spontaneously stiffen as I ever so slightly turned my head that direction and said “No thank-you we have it”, and turned away.  Realizing in that instant that I was sure to have not had a small town pleasant smile on my face I swallowed hard.  “Really it would be no problem at all” I heard calling back at me.  I fully turned to face him this time completely armed with my smile and said I am sure in a much softer tone “No need really, we are just about done, but thanks so much for the offer!”.  I was met with kind eyes and a gentle smile a connection I should expect where we live now but not one that I am use too.  The fact was we would have loved to have had some help but trust isn’t something that comes to me easy.  Where we had moved from if someone had asked you to help unload your automobile chances are they were more likely loading it into their own and not helping you at all.

On a side note I would also have to say he was also attractive and maybe this is another reason I am not dating.  Obviously a topic worth exploring in my other blog section 😉


Don’t think for a minute this category will be me bragging about how I am ‘supermom’ and I have the most amazing three children in the world.  Even though both are true, that is the last you will hear about that.  Expect sarcastic, ironic, hilarious, epic fails here and possibly some heartbreak as well.  Anything else would just be me trying to make you think we have a perfect life and I won’t do it.  Except when we do and it may not be “average”, whatever that means, but when it is just the four of us it is pretty perfect to be honest.